What Are Intraoral Cameras Useful for?

What Are Intraoral Cameras Useful for?

February 3, 2022

Dentistry innovations are currently making life easier for dentists and patients helping people to receive comfortable treatments from their providers at affordable costs than earlier. For example, dentists find it easier to diagnose and other oral health problems using an intraoral camera making the treatment comfortable, convenient, and less invasive for patients.

Intraoral cameras are one of the many innovations in dentistry used to assess and diagnose oral health problems among patients, including children. The dental camera enables dentists and patients to have an intraoral close-up analysis of various structures inside the patient’s mouth. Intraoral cameras have a built-up light source allowing patients to view the external structures of the teeth, gums, and vehicle category to capture videos and still pictures with the illumination provided by the built-up light. The lighting helps the dentist process and diagnose plaque formation, dental cavities, gum disease, chipped or cracked teeth, broken dental fillings and other oral health conditions.

The primary goal of the intraoral camera in Welland, ON, is to assess and diagnose oral health problems. However, dentists make full use of this tool to detect oral health conditions that may otherwise remain undetected because of the lack of adequate technology. Many problems in the mouth remain invisible to the naked eye making it essential for the dentist to invest in the mouthwatch intraoral camera, providing them with a convenient and hassle-free device that has no waiting time to warm up before the dentist can use the camera.

What Are the Uses of the Intraoral Camera?

Unlike earlier, when dentists needed x-rays to detect minor and significant issues in patients mouths and had to waste time until the reports arrived, an intraoral camera has changed things for dentists permanently by allowing them to test patients at high risk of oral cancer using an intraoral camera by taking images of the patient’s mouth and forwarding them to a specialist for proper assessment and diagnosis of the oral health of the patient. In addition, the photos provide the specialists with accurate descriptions and measurements of the lesion or tumour inside the mouth instead of notes from the dentist describing what they have viewed.

Are Intraoral Cameras Beneficial Merely for Oral Cancer Screening?

Intraoral cameras like the one from mouthwash help dentists in convincing patients to undergo dental treatments helpful for restoring and preserving their teeth or gums from destruction and how the dentist-recommended dental treatment helps manage the condition. The information makes it easier for many patients to calm themselves and manage their anxiety regarding the upcoming dental procedure.

The intraoral camera also helps with patient information. Dental hygienists and dentists use intraoral cameras to teach patients about their oral health. The camera lets the patient see the condition of their mouth and teeth while discussing the issue by viewing them on a computer screen in real-time and receiving information on how the dental problems are preventable.

The images and videos captured by dentists using an internal camera serve as a basis for the patient’s oral health. While having the pictures in the patient’s file, the dentist can assess whether dental treatments earlier have progressed positively to improve the patient’s dental health. Patients also benefit from the images captured by the camera, especially if they possess dental insurance. For example, suppose insurance companies need further evidence of complications in the patient’s mouth before proceeding with a claim. In that case, the dentist can quickly forward the images to the patient’s insurance company for quick reimbursement.

There was a time when getting x-rays was the most effective method to secure a detailed image of the patient’s mouth to treat various conditions. However, dramatic changes over the last few years now make available advanced instruments like intraoral cameras to take images of patient’s mouths without exposing them to any radiation while getting the results from the camera in real-time.

Intraoral cameras help reduce the time required for dental appointments, provide real-time results instantly on a computer screen instead of films, enable dentists to educate patients about their oral health, and even support insurance claims by providing evidence of anomalies that need intensive treatment in the patient’s mouths.

Patients unaware of the latest in dentistry advances and wondering how they can benefit from an internal camera must schedule an appointment with Rose City Dental Center, where intraoral cameras are used for most dental procedures.

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