Wisdom Tooth Extractions in Welland, ON

Our team is committed to providing you and your whole family with exceptional dentistry, including wisdom tooth extraction near you. Our dental office utilizes the latest technology and techniques to ensure you receive the care you need in every facet of oral care, including wisdom tooth extractions from our dentist near you.

Benefits of Wisdom Tooth Extractions Near You 

Have you or a family member been complaining about a sensation in your gums that feels like there’s something emerging from them? If so, that’s a sure sign that wisdom teeth are trying to emerge. The reason to remove wisdom teeth that are beginning to emerge, or sometimes recommended by a dentist to have removed before they emerge, include:

  • Less pain and discomfort
  • More room for your existing teeth to not become overcrowded
  • Reduced risk of infection should the wisdom teeth become impacted

Additionally, when wisdom teeth begin to emerge, they can cause bleeding in the gum area, which can cause bad breath in addition to the increased risk of infection already noted.

Since removing a wisdom tooth is classified as surgical tooth extraction, some patients may be hesitant to have the procedure done because of its seemingly invasive nature. But when you choose Dr. Yasser Mohammed to perform your wisdom tooth removal, wisdom tooth extraction in Welland, ON, we can provide various sedation options for patients who suffer from dental anxiety to help them complete their treatment comfortably.

Plus, our use of an intra-oral camera enables our team to get a full-colour view of every aspect of each tooth, including impacted or emerging wisdom teeth. It is always easier to understand what is going on when the problem is visible. The use of an intra-oral camera allows us to provide accurate diagnoses and more reliable solutions.

Get Your Treatment Plan Today 

Every patient seeking wisdom tooth extraction will have a unique procedural protocol based on many factors specific to their oral health stage. We invite you to book an appointment today with Rose City Dental Centre for your consultation and treatment plan for full dental care, including wisdom tooth extraction from our dentist in Welland.

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