Intraoral Camera in Welland, ON

Dental visits have come a long way with the use of intraoral cameras near you. Rose City Dental Centre patients can view every tooth on a digital screen. As a result, our Welland dentists can help them better understand any underlying conditions.

This advanced dental technology is connected to a computer beside the exam chair. Our dentists place a small wand into the mouth. Then, a recording of the entire oral cavity is created. The digital imagery can be magnified over 30 times. This feature enables our team to get a full-colour view of every aspect of each tooth.

How Can Intraoral Camera’s Aid in Dentistry?

The process of obtaining intraoral images is pain-free and comfortable for patients. By using this state-of-the-art equipment, we get a clear assessment of your oral health. Here are some of the many ways our intraoral camera is used:

Patient education: Preventive care and dental education are a top priority at Rose City Dental Centre. An intraoral camera is a valuable tool we use for those purposes. It can expose areas that are not being cleaned effectively with every day brushing and flossing.

Detect hidden issues: Mouth problems such as oral cancer and gum disease don’t always show symptoms in the early stages. So, our intraoral camera displays budding conditions when they are most treatable.

Planning treatment: It is always easier to understand what is going on when the problem is visible. That makes for more accurate diagnoses and more reliable solutions.

Progress assessment: In some cases, it takes time for dental treatments and procedures to work. Intraoral cameras help us determine if the treatment is helping or if the plan must be modified.

Eliminates any guesswork: Since problems are highlighted with precision, there is no need to fear an inaccurate diagnosis or unnecessary procedures.

How are Intraoral Cameras Near You Used?

An intraoral camera mimics the appearance of a pen. The wand is enclosed in a disposal cover. Therefore, the sheath ensures that the camera remains clean for each patient. We insert the slender tool into the mouth. Then, we rotate it to achieve and record a concise image of every tooth. The pictures are transmitted to a computer screen in a movie format. Parts of the motion pictures can be magnified or paused (or both). What’s more, there is no radiation involved.

If you have any questions about the intraoral camera, please contact our dentist near you at Welland, ON dental office.

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