Fluoride Treatment in Welland, ON

Rose City Dental Centre provides fluoride treatments to help prevent decay and cavities. We aim to help keep our patient’s teeth strong and healthy. A naturally occurring mineral, fluoride aids in the fight against harmful mouth bacteria. Call our Welland dental office today to book your appointment. Our team will be happy to answer any questions. Learn more about the advantages of fluoride treatment near you.

How does Fluoride Help Improve Oral Health?

Systemic fluoride is found in water and certain foods. As a result, diet plays a role in how much fluoride you ingest. You can also get fluoride in fluoridated toothpaste and mouth rinses. But for some cases, added protection is needed. We offer professional topical fluoride treatments to patients of any age.

The foods and beverages you enjoy every day expose your teeth to sugars. Then, the bacteria in your mouth feed on these sugars and produce acids. These damaging acids attack enamel and demineralize it. Therefore, fluoride remineralizes and safeguards teeth against decay. Even more, this natural mineral is of extra value for children’s teeth as they develop and erupt. Fluoride treatments in Welland help strengthen young teeth and underlying adult teeth.

Preventive Care at Rose City Dental Centre

Our dentists in Welland, ON, may recommend fluoride during a routine dental exam. We may also offer preventive dentistry treatment if you have cavity-prone teeth or lack fluoride in your drinking water or diet.

We have professional fluoride in gel form, foam, or varnish. Regardless of the type, the process is quick and painless. Get in touch with our team now, and invest in your good oral health. We offer a full range of preventive dentistry options for you and your family.

Fluoride is just one of the ways our Welland fluoride dentists help preserve healthy teeth for a lifetime. But keep in mind, fluoride alone will not prevent cavities and decay! It is equally important to brush at least twice a day and floss. Eat balanced healthy meals, limit sugary snacks, and come to Rose City Dental Centre for regular care.

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