Family Dentistry in Welland, ON

The Rose City Dental Centre team understands the importance of preventative dentistry. It is just as important as treating oral health issues once they’ve occurred. For those reasons, we are dedicated to delivering quality care and dental education to patients of any age. So, bring your entire family to visit our Welland, ON dental office.

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Comfortable Dental Care Near You

Besides gentle oral care, our dentists also provide your family with a relaxing experience. Trips to Rose City Dental Center are never something to fear. Our friendly team knows that children don’t usually look forward to routine checkups. Therefore, our family-friendly waiting area is equipped with fun items to keep the kids happy. We want every patient to be without worry and at ease.

The Dental Examination

Our Welland dentists recommend a comprehensive oral exam and teeth cleaning. For most children and adults, the suggested interval is every six months. However, some patients need to be seen more frequently. During your first exam, we will take a complete set of mouth x-rays. Radiographs enable us to get an inside view of your teeth, jaws, and gums. They help us get a clear picture of your oral health. Then we can address minor problems before they become significant issues.

During this initial checkup, our dentists will examine your entire oral cavity. We will carefully inspect the condition of your teeth, gums, jaw, tongue, and neck. Our professionals will look for signs of decay, damage, or disease using a mirror and a dental pick. If anything suspicious is found, additional x-rays may be ordered so a diagnosis can be confirmed.

Professional Teeth Cleaning

An experienced dental hygienist will clean your teeth carefully and thoroughly. We encourage our patients to get their teeth professionally cleaned twice a year. Doing so will help us scan for budding issues and help prevent cavities. Cleanings at Rose City Dental Center should not take the place of good oral hygiene habits at home. Both practices are of equal importance.

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