Emergency Dentistry in Welland, ON

Preparation is the key to getting proper care from an emergency dentist near me. Of course, most people don’t expect to need emergency dental care. However, at Rose City Dental Centre, we understand that critical oral health situations can arise without warning. That’s why we offer emergency dentistry near you, to provide necessary treatment and restore you to oral health and wellness!

Preparing for Emergency Dentistry in Welland

Just like any emergency situation, when you require urgent dental care, knowing what to do is crucial to a positive outcome. Our emergency dentist in Welland recommends that you have the contact information for our office in an accessible and readily available place with other emergency numbers. In this way, you or your family members won’t have to search for information to contact us for help. In addition, it’s helpful to familiarize yourself with our walk-in dental clinic, just in case you require emergency dental services.

When Should I Seek Emergency Dental Care?

Sometimes patients are unsure whether a situation requires emergency dental services. If you or someone near you is experiencing unexpected or serious oral bleeding and/or swelling, you should seek emergency dental care. Other critical oral health conditions include intense tooth pain and/or pressure, abscess or symptoms of infection, sudden tooth loss, or a cracked, chipped, or broken tooth. If you are still unsure whether your condition is a dental emergency, use our contact information to call our office and we will help assess your need for treatment.

It’s also important for patients to remember that some people are at a higher risk for dental emergencies than others. For example, if you or your family members play contact sports, this increases the risk of injury or trauma to the mouth. In addition, patients that have undergone recent oral surgery are also at a higher risk of developing oral health complications until healing has taken place. Those patients at higher risk should be prepared to seek emergency dental care.

If you have questions about emergency dentistry in Welland, ON, contact our family dentist at Rose City Dental Centre. We are here for your needs!

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