Digital X-rays in Welland, ON

Many Welland dentists used to rely on traditional x-rays to detect bone loss and decay. This type of dental imaging also aids in planning root canal treatment and tooth extractions. For many years, this was the primary method to uncover underlying issues. Either an assistant, hygienist, or dentist would put a piece of film inside of a plastic holder. Then, the film was placed in the mouth, and the patient was asked to hold still. After the picture was taken, there was a short wait for the results to be processed. The films were then displayed and viewed.

The Advantages of Digital Technology

Well, the days of using old school x-rays are growing dimmer. Today, digital imaging has become widespread in dental offices due to the many benefits it offers. Rose City Dental Centre is happy to provide this advanced technology to our patients. Instead of films, digital x-rays near you involve a sensor that we placed in the mouth. There is also less radiation exposure and faster processing time. But keep in mind, the exposure with traditional dental x-rays is very low. There is a minimal risk of potentially harmful effects either way.

Getting the Complete Picture — Fast

With digital imaging in Welland, ON, there is no need for chemicals, developing time, or a dark room. The pictures are examined on a computer screen instead of on a lightbox.

Even more, the images are more precise and bigger. So, it is easier for family dentists Welland to share the view with patients. This perk improves our ability to explain what is happening behind the scenes and discuss the most suitable treatments. We can magnify questionable areas. Also, we can adjust the contrast and brightness. As a result, even the smallest budding issues are visible.

More Secure Storage and Simplified Image Sharing

Films are very vulnerable because only a single record exists. The material is also fragile, so the records can be easily lost or destroyed. The great thing about digital radiographs is that they can be saved to a safekeeping and copied storage system.

What’s more, digital x-rays can be quickly emailed or printed and forwarded to outside medical professionals. It is also easier to compare new pictures with previous images.

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