Professional Teeth Whitening Excellent to Deliver Instant Results

Professional Teeth Whitening Excellent to Deliver Instant Results

September 6, 2021

Are you tired of looking at yourself and your discolored teeth in the mirror? Perhaps you have an important event coming up and want to display your pearly whites. You may have heard about natural teeth whitening you can practice from home but may also have come across complaints from proponents of this remedy claiming the results are too slow for comfort. Confronting a predicament of this kind, how do you think you can whiten your teeth instantly?

Millions of people are affected by teeth discoloration. Many people are trying at-home teeth whitening kits purchased over-the-counter from drugstores and supermarkets. The whitening kits promise instant results but inevitably fail to deliver when required. Therefore instead of trying do-it-yourself methods, the better option is to visit the teeth whitening dentist, providing whiter and brighter teeth within the hour with in-office whitening treatments.

Aren’t Professional Teeth Whitening Treatments Expensive?

If you compare the costs of over-the-counter products with professional teeth whitening treatments, you undoubtedly pay more for the latter. However, getting your teeth whitened from a dentist delivers reliable and faster results than doing it yourself. Furthermore, you benefit from in-office teeth whitening treatments from a dentist because besides whitening your teeth, the dentist also provides a prophylactic cleaning to identify the presence of plaque or any underlying oral health conditions. In addition, dentists use concentrated teeth bleaching ingredients instead of whitening agents, making your teeth susceptible to sensitivity if they are affected by underlying issues.

In-office professional teeth whitening in Welland, ON, will likely cost you $ 650 per session, which is higher than what you pay for over-the-counter products. However, as mentioned earlier, the treatment delivers faster and reliable results, ensuring you are prepared for your event and ready to flash your pearly whites.

Which Option Is Best Suited for Your Needs?

The options best suited for your requirements will depend on your budget and schedule. However, suppose you experience high levels of tooth sensitivity. In that case, you benefit better by requesting take-home kits from the dentist in Welland, ON, instead of preferring in-office teeth whitening treatments. However, you must prepare yourself to wait longer for the results because at-home kits for teeth whitening contain lower doses of hydrogen peroxide than used by dentists in their clinics.

How Beneficial Are in Office Teeth Whitening Treatments?

In-office teeth whitening in Welland, ON, delivers visible results within the hour when performing the therapy to whiten your teeth. Your teeth brighten by three to eight shades within the hour, but results can vary depending on the extent of discoloration on your teeth.

The dentists at Rose City Dental Center use concentrated ingredients of hydrogen peroxide to bleach your teeth instead of whitening remedies usually containing abrasive agents to clean surface stains from your teeth. Dentists also combine heat and light to accelerate the bleaching process.

When you visit the Welland dentist for teeth whitening, they ensure the soft tissues in your mouth are protected using cheek retractors and rubber dams before applying the hydrogen peroxide gel over your teeth four times during the hour at 15-minute intervals each. At the end of every 15-minute session, the gel is reapplied after the existing application is suctioned and washed. At the end of the hour, you rinse your mouth and get to see the changes in the shade of your teeth before the dentist. If the results are unsatisfactory, the dentist recommends a regimen of at-home trays and follow-up appointments later for additional whitening. Results of teeth whitening treatments are unpredictable and can vary between patients. However, you experience a dramatic difference in the color of your teeth to prepare you for the special occasion you were looking forward to.

How Long Do the Results of Teeth Whitening Treatments Last?

The results of teeth whitening treatments can last between six months to three years, depending on various factors. The leading cause of teeth discoloration is food and beverages besides your oral hygiene routine. You can maintain your teeth’s whiteness longer if you avoid or limit staining foods and drinks such as coffee, tea, red wine, berries, et cetera. Maintaining excellent dental hygiene is also a requirement to ensure your teeth don’t discolor faster. You must incorporate habits like brushing twice daily, flossing at least once, and visiting your dentist for routine exams and cleanings at six-monthly intervals to ensure plaque buildup doesn’t discolor your teeth. Use the aforementioned dental hygiene tips and avoid or limit staining foods and you can benefit from the teeth whitening treatment as best possible.

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