How Family Dentistry Takes Care of Your Family’s Dental Needs

How Family Dentistry Takes Care of Your Family’s Dental Needs

August 2, 2021

Did you know that you can undergo multiple dental procedures within the same facility? Every family member requires personalized oral care, and family dental care is ideal in addressing all your family members’ needs under the same dental facility. Family dentistry approaches are crucial in ensuring you and your child maintain a pearly white smile and observe a suitable oral hygiene regimen. Maintaining healthy gum tissues and teeth requires you and your child to make periodic visits to your dentist. Additionally, a family dentist ensures you find adequat

What’s Family Dentistry?

Family dentistry incorporates various dental procedures that address your oral health issues in all stages. As a result, you find holistic dental care for you and your child under the same roof. All your unique dental needs are addressed by various specialists effectively with family dentistry. Some of the services we provide at Rose City Dental Centre include:

  • Periodontal disease treatment
  • Fluoride treatment
  • Periodic dental exams and cleaning
  • Orthodontics
  • Filling of dental cavities

We check on your children’s teeth development and alleviate their anxiety in all dental appointments. Our dentist in Welland embraces a friendly approach to ensure your child develops a positive attitude towards oral hygiene practices and periodic dental checkups. We also provide personalized treatment using specialized and advanced equipment for all your dental procedures.

Family Dentistry Services

The family dental center near you provides you with comprehensive oral care, and some of the services offered include:

Preventive Dental Services

At our family dentistry in Welland, ON, we recommend you make periodic dental visits for dental exams. Early detection of underlying dental health issues enables our specialists to provide treatment before they become severe. Some of the preventive care procedures involve:


  • A professional dental cleaning removes plaque or tartar and prevents bad breath, tooth decay and gum disease. Our dentist examines your dental to check for signs of decay and recommends fluoride treatment and routine dental cleaning procedures. X-rays and oral screening are also vital in detecting oral cancer at early stages.
  • Dental sealants strengthen your child’s teeth and prevent them from decay. If your child has teeth that are vulnerable to having dental cavities, the family dentist can recommend the placement of dental sealants.
  • Root canal, scaling, and root planing procedures are ideal procedures in eliminating plaque, calculus or tartar. At your family dentistry, your specialist will examine your gum tissues and the state of your dental and initiate a treatment plan to prevent periodontal diseases and other bacterial infections.

Restorative Dental Services

Damaged, discoloured, decayed, or a dislodged teeth require restorative procedures, and our dentist in Welland provides personalized treatment plans. Multiple approaches can address your dental issues, including:

  • Surgical insertion of dental implants into your jawbone to replace a missing tooth
  • Partial or complete dentures can be used to replace your missing teeth
  • Your dentist may apply tooth-coloured resin fillings on your tooth to restore its outlook and prevent further decay.
  • Same-day restorative crowns encase your cracked, damaged or decayed tooth and prevent it from further damage. Your family dental care specialist may recommend dental crowns since they effectively restore your dental aesthetics and protect your tooth.

Having family dentistry enables you to find personalized treatment for all your dental problems. You can also undergo dental extraction at the family dental center near you. For example, an extraction procedure can be performed if you have a severely damaged or impacted tooth. In addition, your family dentist may compel you to undergo dental extraction to accommodate dental prosthetics like braces.

What’s the Role of Your Family Dentist?

Family dental care involves multiple dental specialists that provide you with a holistic oral hygiene regimen and address all your health care needs. Visiting family dentistry enables you to find an endodontist, orthodontist and pediatric dentist within the same facility. The dentistry approach is convenient for you and all your family members. Your children find it comfortable visiting the same family dental center since childhood and transforms the attitude towards dental appointments in the future. At our family dentistry in Welland, ON, we provide exceptional dental care services for your entire family. Visit our dental facility today and ensure your family finds an ideal dental specialist today!

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