How Are Intraoral Cameras Enhancing Dental Care in Welland?

How Are Intraoral Cameras Enhancing Dental Care in Welland?

May 1, 2023

The advancement of technology has led to the development of intraoral cameras that have helped in making informed decisions when it comes to dental problems. What’s more, these devices have also cut the cost of medical treatment as dentists do not have to perform several tests to determine the problem. We will take you through how intraoral cameras enhance dental care, their benefits, and whether these devices are safe for everyone. So, let’s get into it.

What Is an Intraoral Camera?

An intraoral camera is a dental camera that gives the dentist a clear, unique view of each tooth, helping them understand the diagnosis and determine the most suitable treatment. The machine has a hand-held wand with a camera attached to the end. The camera records a video feed of your oral cavity that is transmitted to a nearby screen so that the dentist can view it simultaneously.

Other than recording the video feed, the device can also create high-resolution photographs which can be used for analysis. Now that you know what an intraoral camera is, how does it work?

How Do Intraoral Cameras Work?

An intraoral camera is almost the size of a pen with a tiny lens on its tips. So, when you go for a dental appointment, the dentist in Welland will move the intraoral camera around inside your mouth to capture images that will be transmitted to the dentist’s computer. It is best to know that you can also view the dentist’s computer. Being able to view the computer will assist the dentist in explaining your dental problem.

The most advanced intraoral cameras can enable the dentist to freeze the images as he desires. The frozen images can be examined in-depth. Moreover, the images can be stored for future records and diagnoses, which eases dental work.

What Are the Uses of Intraoral Cameras in Dentistry?

  • It is utilized in oral cancer screening- heavy smokers and drinkers are at risk of getting oral cancer. If the dentist suspects that you have the disease, they will use an intraoral camera to detect tumors or lesions that indicate oral cancer. The photos taken by the camera will assist in better assessment and accurate diagnosis. Moreover, the images will help the dentist know how large or small the lesions are, and this aids the cancer specialist in understanding the severity of oral cancer.
  • The images and videos taken serve as a basis for the patient’s oral health condition- after taking the photos with the device, the dentist can save them for future purposes. For instance, if a dentist has saved images of your oral cavity, he can use the photos to know whether your oral health has improved.
  • It can be used to convince the patient to undergo a particular treatment to prevent further damage to the gums and teeth. Are you unsure of a specific dental treatment? The best way to resolve your worries is by visiting the dentist who uses intraoral cameras in Welland, ON. The videos and photos taken by the intraoral camera will help the dentist display and explain the dental problem and how it can have detrimental effects on your oral health. Through the videos and photos shown, you’re assured that a specific treatment is needed, which will calm you down, ready for the incoming dental procedure.
  • It is utilized in patient information- many dentists and dental hygienists utilize intraoral cameras to provide useful information to patients about their oral health. An excellent example of useful information that the dentist in Welland can give you is how to prevent a certain oral disease, as the photos show your teeth and gums are vulnerable.

Benefits Of Intraoral Cameras in Dentistry

  • Early detection of oral problems- many people fail to go for a dental checkup as they’re afraid of pain. This can cause many patients to ignore some dental issues like tooth decay, and failure to go for treatment leads to the advancement of the disease. Fortunately, intraoral cameras have given more patients the confidence to go for dental appointments, which has ensured early detection of oral health problems.
  • Improved treatment- an intraoral camera has advanced features like better lighting and a high-quality lens for better visibility. These features have helped dentists diagnose dental issues accurately and recommend the most suitable treatment.

So, don’t postpone your oral treatment. Instead, visit Rose City Dental Centre: our dental professional will be ready to examine your oral cavity thanks to our state-of-the-art equipment and recommend the most suitable treatment.

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