Does Dental Bonding Fix Teeth Gaps?

Does Dental Bonding Fix Teeth Gaps?

September 1, 2022

Certain reasons can lead to gaps between teeth. They include loss of primary teeth and having too small teeth, among other reasons. You might have wondered how you’re going to solve the issue and when you visit the dentist near you, they might have recommended teeth bonding as an option.

There are other alternatives to filling gaps between teeth, and we will help you answer whether or not dental bonding is viable for fixing the gaps between your teeth.

What Is Dental Bonding?

This is a treatment procedure that utilizes composite resin to improve the appearance of your teeth. The material is applied to your teeth and hardened by a special light.

This dental procedure sounds similar to dental veneers. Dental veneers are custom-made trays attached to your teeth’ front part. This procedure involves the dentist removing some of your tooth structure to create space for the veneer.

On the other hand, dental bonding does not require removing a lot of your enamel. This makes the procedure reversible when compared to dental veneers.

Things To Anticipate Throughout The Dental Bonding Procedure

Knowing what to expect when you go for dental bonding in Welland, ON, is essential. When you go to the dental clinic, the dentist will examine your teeth and determine whether dental bonding suits you.

Once the dentist determines that dental bonding will work well with fixing the gaps between your teeth, he will start preparing your teeth by etching the teeth that he will work on. A conditioning liquid is then applied to the affected teeth as this helps the composite resin material bond well to your teeth.

The next step is where the dentist applies the bonding material to the affected teeth. The dentist needs to pick a shade that will match well with your other teeth. This will ensure you have a uniform smile after completing the dental bonding procedure. Next, the putty-like material is applied directly to the surface of your teeth. This material will increase the size of your teeth and reduce the gap between your teeth.

Is Dental Bonding Suitable for You?

Although your dentist can recommend teeth bonding to fill the gap between your teeth, there are a few things you should consider before going with the treatment.

First, it is important to discuss with the dentist at Rose City Dental whether you drink coffee or smoke regularly. This is because the material used to bond the material to your teeth is porous, which means that the smoke or coffee can easily stain the composite resin, which may make your bonded teeth appear yellow. The dentist can recommend dental veneers for closing your gap as porcelain veneers do not stain easily.

Secondly, some habits can damage or reduce the durability of the bonding material. Such habits include frequent biting off your fingernails, chewing on pens, eating hard foods like nuts, and chewing candy. All these habits can dislodge the bonding material or reduce its durability.

Therefore, you should discuss these habits with your dentist so that they look for an alternative. The bonding material can last a decade with proper care, but these habits can sabotage the bonding agent in less time.

Here are some benefits of dental bonding now that you are aware of what it is.

Advantages Of Dental Bonding

There are lots of benefits of cosmetic bonding. First, as the name indicates, anything that has to deal with cosmetics means that it improves the person’s appearance. Therefore, when you go for cosmetic dental bonding, the dentist will fill the gap in your teeth and make your teeth look better, and this will revitalize your smile.

In addition, dental bonding is a minimally invasive procedure. Compared to dental crowns and porcelain veneers, where the dentist removes a considerable amount of your tooth’s enamel, the dentist does not have to remove your tooth’s structure to attach the bonding material.

Dental bonding will work under your budget if you’re looking for a cost-effective method of closing the gap between your teeth. It is one of the less costly cosmetic dental treatments.

Moreover, dental bonding is done in just one visit. Therefore, dental bonding will suit you if you’re looking for a quicker way of fixing the gap between your teeth.

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