Advantages of Using Digital X-Rays over the Normal X-Rays for Oral Health Checkups

Advantages of Using Digital X-Rays over the Normal X-Rays for Oral Health Checkups

December 1, 2022

After scheduling your appointment for an oral health checkup with the family dentist in Welland after a year, you might become concerned about dental x-rays and wonder how the radiation will affect you. You might also decide to refuse x-rays from the dentist, thinking you don’t have any complications in your mouth that need comprehensive evaluation.

Fortunately, the Welland practice has digital x-rays instead of the conventional variety for their immense popularity in determining the health of your teeth, mouth, and jawbones. Digital x-rays provide dentists with more excellent images exposing you to less radiation than traditional x-rays. In addition, these images provide information that helps prevent the development of conditions and their progression in your mouth. Therefore you must happily visit the Welland practice, confident that you will not be exposed to radiation when the dentist takes x-rays of your oral cavity.

Besides minimizing radiation exposure, digital x-rays also have many advantages you might need to be aware of. Therefore we suggest you learn about the benefits of these x-rays over the conventional variety, expressing happiness that your preferred dentist has the most updated technology to screen your mouth.

Advantages of Digital X-Rays

  • Excellent Image Quality and Accuracy: the dentist from the Welland facility takes teeth x-rays and your oral cavity using this superior technology, using a sensor to capture images of the oral cavity to transfer them to a computer. In turn, the computer sends a high-resolution image of your oral cavity with the option for improving, enlarging, sharpening, colouring or presenting it as a negative to help detect dental problems and identify treatments best suited for the condition. In addition, the management software of the x-ray machine improves the picture without changing the data.
  • Minimized Radiation: Digital x-rays can capture multiple intraoral images of your mouth in a fraction of the time, exposing you to merely 10 percent radiation than conventional x-rays. The minimized radiation enables patients to obtain an exhaustive and comprehensive treatment plan with 90 percent less radiation exposure. In addition, digital x-rays make radiography safer and healthier realistically than traditional radiography technology.
  • Digital Storage and Tracking Features: Storage space reduction becomes available to the practice capturing digital x-rays in Welland, ON, because the pictures are preserved conveniently in your digital file. The x-ray images are comparable to earlier pictures to observe treatment progress. Dentists utilize this technology to notice changes in tooth mobility, bone loss or regeneration, therapeutic processes, fillings, and root canals. The technology also enables you to participate in your treatment and get insight into the dentist’s treatment plan.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Dental clinics produce millions of litres of hazardous x-ray fixers yearly, states the eco-dentistry Association. Traditional x-rays require using chemicals like ammonium thiocyanate, boric anhydride, et cetera, as conventional x-ray fixers. These chemicals irritate the eyes, skin, and respiratory system if ingested or inhaled and are harmful. Research of different kinds reveals that the chemicals are detrimental to the thyroid, liver, kidney, and blood and can result in organ damage from extended or repeated exposure. Thankfully digital x-rays do not use chemicals and contribute to an environmentally friendly method of capturing detailed images of your teeth and mouth without exposing you to radiation.
  • Shorter Appointments: Unlike conventional x-rays, the digital variety simultaneously captures multiple pictures of your mouth and makes them visible immediately. Therefore they reduce the time you might spend at the dental practice waiting for the development of your x-rays and collecting them, allowing you to complete your appointment sooner than expected. In addition, the x-rays also provide the dentist with information about the condition of your mouth, enabling them to develop an effective and efficient treatment plan for you.

Many dentists still rely on conventional technology when taking x-rays of the mouth and head during oral health exams. However, many are switching to digital technology by making additional investments for the advantages the technology offers, enabling them to communicate with patients about their treatment or even forward images to other medical professionals for second opinions if needed merely by the click of a mouse. Therefore, if your appointment for your routine checkup is with the Welland dentist, rest assured you are in safe hands and will not suffer adverse radiation exposure consequences.

Rose City Dental Center performs routine exams and cleanings after taking digital x-rays of patient’s mouths for safety and the benefits described above. If you need dental health checkups and are concerned about x-rays, consult with this practice to have digital images of your mouth and teeth taken without radiation exposure.

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