A Closer Look at Digital X-rays

A Closer Look at Digital X-rays

July 1, 2021

Dental radiography helps provide your oral specialist with clear images of your dental status. They utilize low radiation to capture clear and quality pictures of your teeth and gum tissues. Digital x-rays in Welland, ON are vital in preventing you from undergoing extensive dental appointments in the future. They are used to detect tooth decay, impacted teeth, and other oral health conditions.

What Are Dental X-rays?

Digital dental X-rays refer to low-radiation x-rays, used for imaging. Dental imaging examines provides a clearer view of your teeth anatomy, and the bone beneath your gum line, and your tooth enamel. It , and they can be are categorized into into two categories—film or digital. imaging.

Digital x-rays emit less radiation, unlike film x-rays. They are more efficient in showcasing to showcase your dental outlook condition. Digital dental x-rays are classified into:

  • Intraoral x-rays that involve obtaining image inside your mouth. They provide fine details of your teeth and the supporting bones, and they enable our Welland dentist to check for tooth root health, tooth development, tooth support from your jaw bone and cavities.
  • Extraoral x-rays are obtained from outside your mouth or around your jawbone area. They examine your head’s structural bone on your lower or upper jaw. Extraoral x-rays help identify issues like jaw joint health, fractures, and impacted teeth.

Why Are Dental X-rays Performed?

It’s ideal to would be ideal for you to undergo dental X-rays periodically. Your dentist may recommend that you to schedule for dental imaging annually, and some of the aspects that may compel you to get dental x-rays may include:

  • Oral disease symptoms
  • Your age
  • Tooth decay or a history of having gum disease
  • Your current dental status

You’re likely to undergo dental X-rays to ensure your specialist gets precise imaging of your dental impressions and status. Your child may have more dental X-rays so that the dentist can closely monitor the development of teeth. Digital X-rays determine whether your kid’s tooth requires extraction to prevent oral health complications.

Some of the Dental Issues That Dental X-rays Help Detect

At Rose City Dental Centre, we utilize dental X-rays to diagnose various oral health issues and your jawbone and teeth condition. Some of the oral health conditions diagnosed may include:

  • Cysts, lumps, or tumors
  • Dental decay between your teeth
  • Changes due to infection in your tooth roots or your jawbone
  • Bone loss
  • Decay beneath your dental fillings
  • Dental abscess in your tooth roots or on your gum tissues
  • Checking on the condition of your dental that needs to undergo dental prosthesis or orthodontics

Pediatric dentists use x-rays to examine your kids for ‘s signs of decay, impacted teeth, and to monitor the space left for the developing teeth underneath the gum line. Digital x-ray advantages are numerous, and you need to consult your dentist on the ideal time for your diagnostics.

How to Prepare for Dental X-rays

Getting dental X-rays doesn’t require special preparation. It’s crucial to brush your teeth before your appointment to create a more hygienic environment for your specialist during the examination. Dental X-rays are performed before dental cleanings.

During the in-chair appointment, an X-ray device is placed alongside your head to examine the images of your mouth. An X-ray procedure is an integral part of your oral health. Once you undergo an excellent dental checkup, you’ll find relief for your oral health issue and the ideal treatment option. Please visit your specialist if you notice any changes or pain in your mouth for further diagnosis after your appointments.

Digital X-ray advantages

3D dental x-rays have myriad benefits, including:

  • Less radiation exposure since they utilize low-radiation and the outcomes are obtained faster.
  • Increased Diagnostic Accuracy through high-quality 3D images and the results allow for early intervention for your condition. They ensure you undergo less invasive dental procedures.
  • It’s possible to get several views of your dental outlook and structure through 3D imaging.

Digital x-rays in Welland, ON, are incorporated in various diagnostic tests to enable your specialist to have a clear image of your dental condition. Digital X-rays They provide a clear and accurate picture and minimize your oral tissues from radiation exposure. Your scans are achieved in an efficient and quicker approach through digital X-rays.

The findings obtained from dental X-rays aid in treatment plans for severe oral health conditions and help us determine whether you need to undergo advanced treatment. Please make periodic schedules with Schedule an appointment with our  dentist in Welland and so that we can address your oral health issues before they become severe.

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